Super EZ Forex Review Simplicity

Super EZ Forex Honest Review: Simplicity Indicator Worth It?

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If you’re interested in forex trading, chances are high that you’ve come across Super EZ Forex on Youtube. Well, at least I’ve seen their videos popping up in the recommended section several times.

So 5 months ago I watched one of their videos for the first time. It was a motivational one about the psychology of trading. The man who shared the knowledge presented himself as Patrick or ‘Uncle P’.

It was that moment I subscribed to his Youtube channel to watch more of his older content and future videos. His videos are a mix of psychology and trading strategy videos. The first time he showed his trades and the indicator I was a bit skeptical because there are lots of fake gurus and scammers in the forex industry.

But I kept watching more videos to find out if he’s legit. One month later I bought his flagship indicator: ‘Simplicity’. In this honest review, I’ll go over the Simplicity indicator, If you should use it yourself, and extra bonuses that boost your trading journey.

What Is Super Ez Forex?

Super EZ Forex is an education company, based in the US, that’s into teaching forex trading and selling additional indicators to help you simplify trading on the forex market and ultimately become a profitable trader.

They used to offer the ‘Triple Arrow System’ but upgraded that trading indicator to Simplicity.

They’re mainly active on Youtube and upload a video at least once a week. At the time of writing, they’ve over 16k subscribers and uploaded more than 190 videos.

Who Is The Founder?

The founder of Super Ez Forex is a man called Uncle P. He comes across as a humble guy and a real family man. In his videos and even in his mentorship group call he loves to talk about this family and how that motivated him to start Super Ez Forex. For 5 years straight he was figuring out forex trading until he realized that there must be an easier way. As of now, the company consists of a handful of employees.

I have a quality that I only need to watch one video in order to know exactly what kind of personality someone has. And Uncle P seems like a really genuine and transparent guy. Like his name says: the funny and cool uncle you always wanted to have.

He is open, he talks about personal stuff, and always takes the time to answer your questions. Some classes end up being 2-3 hours long, because he doesn’t stop until your problem is solved.

Another team member is miss Jenny. She’s a six-figure forex trader and hosts live sessions just like Uncle P. The third member that also teaches once a week is Erving. More about that later.

When I take a look at their ‘about us’ page I see the following:

It is that I’ve bought their products 3 months ago and know a lot more about them, otherwise you wouldn’t have any idea what the company does. This is something they can improve in my eyes.

What Is Simplicity And How Does It Work?

As I mentioned, Simplicity is their flagship product and it’s probably the reason why you’re reading this review. Simplicity is an exclusive trading indicator that literally simplifies the way you trade.

Let me explain.

There’s a big arrow that appears when the price is likely going to go or down. In addition to that, a trend follower provides you with the actual trend in the form of smiley faces (green for uptrend and red for a downtrend).

The third indication is long and short-term trend strength meters. When both are green for example, the price will likely go upwards. The fourth is red and green boxes that show you when the price will move in the opposite direction.

Do you see how simple this is?

That’s exactly the reason why Uncle P developed this trading indicator. He wanted to create a way of trading that’s so easy that even his kids could do it. No complicated definitions or patterns etc, just 4 things to take a look at and place the trade.

Simplicity works on every timeframe, which means both scalpers and swing traders will love this trading system.

Once you’ve purchased Simplicity, Uncle P will teach you several trading strategies so you know exactly when to take the trade and when you should wait. The tutorial videos are really easy to understand.

When your purchase is completed you can log in and notice that it is easy to navigate between the steps.

I recommend watching all the tutorial videos first before you begin trading. You are not the first person who loses money by just doing random stuff.

Super EZ Forex also provides a signal group service which means that you’ll receive signals every single week to trade. This is perfect if you don’t have a lot of time to watch the market.

When you sign up, you’ll get buy and sell entries and even stop loss and take profit targets to send to your phone. You just copy and paste and are able to make money.

Every single week, Uncle P drops a message in the group which says how many trades have been won and lost. So he’s really transparent.

He also hosts a live class twice a week to mentor you and you’re able to ask all your questions live. What I like about him is that he really takes the time to answer your questions correctly. No question is a stupid question. I personally benefit from it and attend ‘class’ as much as possible.

However, I also want to elaborate a bit on repainting. Most forex indicators repaint, which means that it shows a buy signal, but when it turns out the price reverses, it goes downwards and the signal has disappeared. This is kinda frustrating.

Unfortunately, this is part of trading indicators, they aren’t 100% correct, that would be surreal.

But the Simplicity System is special. Simplicity signals also repaint once in a while, but it leaves a dot behind, so you know exactly when you backtest the strategies, which signal was false.

Btw, Uncle P has a video in the members area on how to spot trades that would become false signals. These simple tips let you dramatically increase your win rate.

My results

Alright, so I’ve been using this system for a few months now and have gathered enough results to give you an honest impression of Simplicity.

I backtested this system and found out that it produces a lovely 83,3% win rate when I test it 30 times in a row on EUR/USD on the 30m timeframe using a 1:1 risk-reward ratio. But when you’re only looking for 10-20 pips a day the win rate increases a lot when you trade on a higher timeframe (30m-4h+).

Also bear in mind that I don’t take every arrow that appears, only when they are in line with the other confirmations.

Take a look at my trades above. We’re on the 30m timeframe trading EURAUD. If you’re just looking to make 10-20 pips a day you notice that it’s super easy.

11 arrows have been displayed in 44 days and every time you took the arrow, you would have made 10-20 pips. As you can see, most of them even made more.

I can show some more examples of Simplicity setups. I’m thinking about doing that on Youtube, so keep an eye on my Youtube videos.

To this day I’m using the Simplicity trading system to make money trading forex.

What I Like About Simplicity

It’s easy to rate indicators, I mean it works or it doesn’t. You get results or you lose money. Having said that, it’s only a fair rating if you follow its corresponding rules.

So, someone once said that they lost a trade and therefore the indicator didn’t work. Then it turned out, this person was just taking every random arrow hoping to make a quick buck. That’s not how it works.

This is what I like about Simplicity:

  • The instructions that Uncle P provided in the tutorial videos are really clear. He tells you exactly how he takes trades and what to look for.
  • The community is amazing. Everyone wants to help each other. Beginners can ask their questions in the telegram group and more experienced traders help them out. It’s really active and they want you to win!
  • Simplicity made me take more winning trades. First I was skeptical but, It’s really easy.
  • 3 days a week live group coaching by experienced traders and teachers.
  • Sometimes free upgrades for members.
  • Just a one-time fee, not monthly. Lifetime access.

What I Dislike About Simplicity

Every good product has its downsides. That’s called balance. Even though there are not many, let me go over a few.

Here’s what I dislike about Simplicity:

  • I can understand that some people may find the price a bit high for an indicator. On the other hand, doing simple math will show you that you easily made your investment back.
  • Even though Uncle P introduced evidence dots when a signal repainted, I still experienced that an arrow had disappeared. Even though it’s rare, it did happen, so I think a quick update will solve this minor issue.
  • A bit more information about the company and team would be great. It probably increases trust and higher sales conversions.

What Do You Receive + Bonuses?

What can you expect if you buy the indicator and become part of the Super EZ Forex family?

The Super EZ Forex team provides the following:

  • The Exclusive Simplicity Indicator
  • 3 live classes a week to ask all your questions + coaching
  • Telegram group with 1900+ like-minded forex traders (the vibe is impressive, lots of positivity)
  • Signal group + live scalping with a 6-figure trader (additional costs)
  • Free upgrades (everyone that purchased their ‘Triple Arrow System’ indicator got Simplicity for free. I’m not sure if it’s a one-off)

But that’s not it. Because you’re reading this review I’d like to give you a few bonuses you won’t find anywhere else.

When you purchase the Simplicity trading indicator using the link below and mail the receipt to (subject: Simplicity bonus) and I’ll send you:

  • 2 ebooks about how to trade forex profitably and about the psychology of trading which is fundamental (worth $39)
  • On top of that, I’ll give you a checklist on how I use Simplicity and what I look for in order to take the trade (a bit different than Uncle P)
  • Forex Course For Free (under development, but once it is live, I’ll send it right away. Worth $80)

I’ll get notified when someone purchases through the special link.

Click Here To Get The Simplicity Indicator And Get The Bonuses

Do I Recommend Simplicity (Super EZ Forex)?

The simple answer is yes. The price is at the time of writing $299 (it might have changed, check the links for the current price). In my opinion, this is a steal if you compare it with how much you can make by just using this indicator.

Let’s say you take a trade and use a standard lot (1.00), if you made 10-20 pips with the Simplicity system, you earned the indicator back in 2-3 trades.

In addition to that, as I mentioned earlier, you buy more than an indicator. The live coaching sessions are really valuable. Every Tuesday and Wednesday Uncle P over-delivers in his classes (some sessions are over 3 hours long). That’s also the case for the community. There are a lot of positive people inside and everyone shares their results to motivate each other. It feels like a new family.

If you are looking to improve your forex game, to spend less time on the charts, to lose less money, to meet other traders and learn from them, this is for you.

If you purchase the system through the following link I’ll send you my bonuses as well. It doesn’t cost extra, in fact, you’ll get more value! Just like Uncle P, I like to over-deliver too.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this review and I see you in the community!

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    1. Hey John,

      They provide you 2 licenses which you can use on your live account and the other one on your demo account.
      In case you’re using another broker besides your main one, you need an extra license in order to use Simplicity on that Mt4 account.

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